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QACoE- Professionalize Your QA Effforts, Reduce Time To Market And Achieve Cost Improvement

QACoE, helps organizations adopt shared standards, services, functions, people, processes, tools, and infrastructure geared towards QA efforts.

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What We Offer

The QACoE’s range of services is tailor-made to meet each customer’s requirements

Testing Strategy
Approach Advisory
and Consulting
Functional Manual
Testing and Linguistic Testing
Test Automation
(Web, Desktop & Mobile)
Security Testing
Testing Tools and
Shared Platforms
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We are committed to delivering results

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Testing Strategy Approach Advisory and Consulting

vectorAssess testing requirements as per projects and Business Cases

  • Define testing services and submit proposals as per the requirement
  • Design and implement testing functionality
  • Create testing organization, onsite /offshore as per the need
  • Identify QA environment requirement

vectorCreate a strategy for automation testing

vectorLeverage NPS’s testing best practices, assets, and tools

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Functional Manual Testing and Linguistic Testing

vectorProvide functional testing services for a complete testing lifecycle

vectorDesign test activities such as creating test cases, scripts, and expected results

vectorManage test activities such as workload assessment, test phase, and sourcing

vectorPerform test planning activities

vectorExecute tests

vectorManage defects

vectorConduct N on-Regression Test

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Test Automation (Web, Desktop & Mobile)

vectorDevelop test automation methodology and approach

vectorEstimate automated testing ROI

vectorSelect test automation toolset

vectorIdentify tests to automate

vectorDevelop work plans and models

vectorCreate metrics to measure and manage test automation

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Performance Testing

vectorProvide performance testing services such as

  • Response time (Baseline) testing
  • Volume/ Load Testing
  • Stress testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Throughput testing
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Security Testing

vectorVulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • Information Analysis & Planning.
  • False positive removal.
  • Performing manual attack.
  • Mapping the vulnerability with Risk Severity.
  • Vulnerability classification based on pen testing standard.
  • Technical Report Creation.
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Testing Tools & Shared platforms

vectorAdministrate Test projects on shared platforms (JIRA, ADO...)

vectorProvide access to NSP test information & assets

vectorJira, ADO, ALM, SOAP UI, Rest API, Selenium, UFT, Tosca, Renorax Studio, Jmeter, LoadRunner, Performance Center, UI Path, Appium, Headspin, Perfecto, Xamarin

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Our Approach

A gradual approach – from sharing processes to Services Utility.

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Phase 1

Introduction to standards, governance, and processes

vectorBegins with establishing fundamental policies around application testing​ and QA process

vectorTaking decisions on measurable quality standards

vectorDefining basic reporting procedures​

vectorImplementation of the initial governance process

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Phase 2

QACoE begins functioning as a shared service​ with

vectorUnified tools for both manual and automation testing and other QA practices across the company​

vectorTraining other groups on tool usage and script writing​ for automation testing

vectorPooling of all available resources within the organization

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Phase 3

Service utility​

vectorQACoE will act as a central source of services and expertise for the entire origination, complete with a designated QA management office, domain-specific expertise team, and shared services teams for specialized testing activities and QA practices​.

vectorSharing regression tests and scripts

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Phase 4

Innovation authority and flexible resources pool​

vectorInnovation is important for any forward-thinking organization, and centralized innovation thinkers will ensure remarkable growth and development

vectorTo have a sustainable innovation process, training, and development are very important

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How You Can Benefit

As the focus on quality gains traction, the need for an effective QA center to standardize QA efforts across the organization becomes even more important.

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Enhance your organization’s reputation

vectorReduces incidences of live issues

vectorAvoids customer identifying more issues

vectorAvoids frequent emergency releases

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Improve your product/ service quality

vectorReduced number of defects identified in later stages of testing

vectorShifting the QA team from being part of a project team to being an independent shared resource

vectorEnhanced depth and rigor of the QA process with a practical approach to QA activities

vectorFocused collaboration between business and QA

vectorPromote the understanding and standardizing of QA requirements across the organization

vectorEnsuring better ways to manage training and knowledge transfer

vectorConsolidation and test process improvement

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Cost efficiency

vectorReducing the need for long test phases

vectorIncreasing the usage of automation in Development and UAT

vectorEnabling detection of defects during the early phase of testing

vectorEnabling faster more reliable test cycles, which enables faster time to market

vectorEnsuring optimum use of resources (number and skills are being utilized)