Leveraging IIOT in Machinery Busines System

Leveraging IIoT in Machinery business

Industrie4.0 and IIOT are leading discussions in industrial forums like never before, and yet first movers have not capitalized on their effort, thanks to the massive disconnect between the real power of these inventions to deliver solid business results and the complacency in implementing technology for the sake of technology. These powerful inventions are being implemented just like any other IT projects, although with considerable excitement. Companies now realize that the high upfront commitment and the frenetic changes in technologies require more than visible project kick-offs. Confusion abounds also on where to start, forcing many organizations to start many projects only to stall them midway for want of organizational bandwidth, as each project faces midway obstacles and uncertainties. Few have worked backward from what they want to finish with, choose a solid initiatives and accept the need of flexibility in their solution. That finish line has to be unarguably the business benefits, the real power of these technologies deliver at their core not periphery.